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Our blogs are essentially our personal diary, where are able to document our overwhelming love & fascination for food & travel, Offering glimpses into our foodie adventures when globetrotting or in our humble town of east London, Sharing food for thought and thoughts for food.


Join us on a photographic tour to some of the world’s most photogenic locations. Enjoy the beauty and culture of some of the places we've been to and experienced, Sharing those moments & locations that shouldn't go unnoticed, while you #Phollow The Movement.


When traveling around the world or even in our hometown of London, No matter what race, size or ethnicity you are food will bring us together and sprout laughter and happiness, so we invite you all to join us and enjoy every meal we experience as part of the Pho East Movement.

Latest News 

New Page 'Reviews' Up And Running Soon!!

As we have recently launched our website we felt that we needed to devote a new page to food only!,
We wanted a page that could allow people to see and read our opinions on dishes and foods we have tried,
As we travel to various destinations we want to shed light on what is on offer and if its worth your taste buds time and your hard earned money...........

Rich In Bali - December 17 Blog

Stepping off the plane we didn't know what to expect from the Indonesian island, Bali. Travelling at a solid 17 hours we were knackered and in need of a well-earned rest.
As we headed outside the humidity hits you as if you've just opened a scorching oven, but more spectacular was the call to prayer booming out of the mosques in the surrounding areas.......

Tokyo A-Go Go - October 17 Blog

To anyone craving excitement in a big city, Tokyo is definitely the place to be!
With its bright lights and exquisite cuisine, it doesn’t fall short of things
to do. As a couple who live in a busy city and travelling to another, we
thought we knew what to expect but boy were we wrong......................

You Me Sashimi - November 17 Blog

During our short stay in Tokyo, we had quickly come to realise that you can never eat too much of anything in this busy city. Where there is food, we had to try! With their mouthwatering varieties and delectable cuisines, you will end up leaving having wished you
had lived here all along...................

Mangosteen Fruit

The Mangosteen fruit is one not to be judged by its cover, its purpley exterior shields the refreshing heavenly drops of juicy joy inside which has deserveably earned its title of 'Queen of all fruits'........................

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